Turn Your Basement into Something Beautiful

The basement is one of the most under-utilized and wasted spaces in homes throughout America. Whether your basement is full of boxes and storage or finished and empty, here are some of our best ideas to help you maximize your basement space.

A Family Hangout Space

Does your family struggle to find a single space in your home that can entertain everyone from your teenager to your baby? The basement is the perfect space for a family hangout area! A finished basement is typically large enough to have multiple activity areas, so you can accommodate everyone’s interests. Your basement could feature any (or all) of the following activity areas:

  • An entertainment area with an entertainment center or move theatre
  • A playroom
  • A home gym to work out while spending time together
  • A wine cellar and bar for the adults to entertain
  • A craft room
  • A pool table or billiards area
  • A video game area
  • A reading nook

When you build a space that has something for everyone, everyone will spend their time enjoying each other’s company. A family hangout spot will truly transform the way that you and your children spend time together.

Space for Your College Student

Do you have a college student who spends semesters on campus but heads home for the summer months? Use your basement as an apartment for your college student or teenager. Your student will appreciate having their own space and you will be able to use the rest of your basement throughout the rest of the year.

If you have a college student that lives at home during the school year, turning your basement into a study and living space is a fantastic idea. They’ll still be a part of the family, but they will also have a quiet retreat to focus on their studies.

Whatever You Can Imagine

Last but not least, your basement can turn into just about anything you can imagine! When you work with the professionals at Finer Remodeling, we can turn your basement dreams into reality and leave you with a finished product that you cannot wait to use. Ready to add more livable space to your home with a basement finishing project? Trust a highly-recommended and skilled contractor like Finer Remodeling and give us a call at (410) 905-3742.