Turn Your Basement into Something Beautiful

The basement is one of the most under-utilized and wasted spaces in homes throughout America. Whether your basement is full of boxes and storage or finished and empty, here are some of our best ideas to help you maximize your basement space. A Family Hangout Space Does your family struggle to find a single space… Read more »

Maximizing Your Living Space

Almost all homeowners are looking for more livable space, whether it’s to accommodate a growing family or make space for a new hobby. Almost all homeowners are also sitting directly underneath (or above) unfinished usable spaces. The most common unfinished areas in homes through the country include attics, basements and garages. What can you use… Read more »

Accessible Home Modifications Are Easier Than You Think

Whether you are coping with the results of an accident or with mobility issues, updating your home with ADA modifications is more affordable and more effective than you think. There are countless ways to make your home friendlier to you and your family, from lowering your kitchen counters to installing curbless showers. Get Where You… Read more »

Your Home can Grow Right along with You

As your needs change, your home should change right along with you to keep it as a place of comfort, happiness and family. Growing numbers of older adults are choosing to modify their homes to meet their current and future needs instead of changing locations. This allows everyone to live under your roof independently and… Read more »

Price vs. Reputation

When choosing the right contractor for a remodeling project, many homeowners focus on price at the expense of other aspects. The price might be remarkably low, but will the project be completed on time? Is the contractor experienced or is this his first time installing a hardwood floor? A contractor that comes with great references… Read more »

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling can Dramatically Increase Your Home’s Value

If you are looking to put your home on the market in the next few years or if you just want to add more value to your home, a gorgeous remodeled bathroom or luxurious remodeled kitchen is a great place to start. Kitchens and bathrooms are typically the first areas prospective homeowners want to view,… Read more »