Accessible Home Modifications Are Easier Than You Think

Whether you are coping with the results of an accident or with mobility issues, updating your home with ADA modifications is more affordable and more effective than you think. There are countless ways to make your home friendlier to you and your family, from lowering your kitchen counters to installing curbless showers.

Get Where You Need to Go

Ramps are a simple way to start the home remodeling process, as they are lower in cost and transformative for those in wheelchairs. You can use ramps outside of your home to replace stairs or in addition to stairs. Ramps allow those in wheelchairs to easily navigate between elevations and move around. Since ramps don’t have mechanical features, they have fantastic longevity and need very little maintenance. If ramps can’t make the elevation shift needed, lifts can be installed.

Make Over Your Bathroom

Depending on assistance from others while using your bathroom can be both embarrassing and uncomfortable, so many homeowners with mobility issues prioritize remodeling their bathroom to meet ADA standards. If you use a wheelchair or cannot walk into the shower, curbless showers allow for a manageable entry. Bars may be installed by the toilet and in the shower for easier maneuvering and increased safety. Lowering or raising your bath vanity for wheelchair accessibility makes it much simpler to get you ready in the morning.

Love Your Kitchen Again

If you haven’t been able to fully enjoy your time in the kitchen since your accident or since your mobility issue began, there are many ways to make your kitchen an ADA-friendly room. Counters and appliances can be lowered or raised to appropriate levels for comfortable cooking and baking. If you have the budget, purchase ADA-compliant appliances that won’t need any modification. Install more drawers and move traditional countertop items like pots, pans, cleaning supplies and canned goods there for easy access. 

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