Disability Friendly Home

Accessible Home Modifications Are Easier Than You Think

Whether you are coping with the results of an accident or with mobility issues, updating your home with ADA modifications is more affordable and more effective than you think. There are countless ways to make your home friendlier to you and your family, from lowering your kitchen counters to installing curbless showers. Get Where You Need to Go Ramps are a simple way to start the home remodeling process, as they are lower in cost and transformative for those in wheelchairs. You can use ramps outside of your home to replace stairs or in addition to stairs. Ramps allow those in wheelchairs to easily navigate between elevations and move around. Since ramps don’t have mechanical features, they have fantastic longevity and need very little maintenance. If ramps can’t make the elevation shift needed, lifts can be installed. Make Over Your Bathroom Depending on assistance from others while using your bathroom can be both embarrassing and uncomfortable, so many homeowners with mobility issues prioritize remodeling their bathroom to meet ADA standards. If you use a wheelchair or cannot walk into the shower, curbless showers allow for a manageable entry. Bars may be installed by the toilet and in the shower for easier maneuvering and increased safety. Lowering or raising your bath vanity for wheelchair accessibility makes it much simpler to get you ready in the morning. Love Your Kitchen Again If you haven’t been able to fully enjoy your time in the kitchen since your accident or since your mobility issue began, there are many ways to make your kitchen an ADA-friendly room. Counters and appliances can be lowered or raised to appropriate levels for comfortable cooking and baking. If you have the budget, purchase ADA-compliant appliances that won’t need any modification. Install more drawers and move traditional countertop items like […]

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Your Home can Grow Right along with You

As your needs change, your home should change right along with you to keep it as a place of comfort, happiness and family. Growing numbers of older adults are choosing to modify their homes to meet their current and future needs instead of changing locations. This allows everyone to live under your roof independently and comfortably, regardless of age or limitations. Brighten Your Bathroom Bathrooms can be major challenges for adults or children with mobility limitations. Install bars or a shower chair into your shower or bathtub to bathe comfortably. Bathrooms are also excellent candidates for slip-resistant flooring inside and outside of the tub. Little and big feet will both enjoy the lack of slipping and skidding that modern tiles offer. Wider is Better Narrow doorways and staircases make it difficult to age in place and get around. Some of the most popular home modifications for greater accessibility include widening kitchen and bathroom doorframes, widening hallways and even increasing the width of staircases. Some homeowners opt to install lifts or elevators alongside their stairs, depending on the size of their property. Lower Your Kitchen Kitchens are the heart of the home, and not being able to reach the countertop comfortably can be a frustrating experience. Many adults aging in place choose to lower their countertops or install additional lower-height work spaces for their cooking and baking. Appliances with easier-to-operate knobs, drawers and buttons can be installed for simpler operation. Existing cabinets can be modified or replaced entirely depending on your budget. Add Some Curb Appeal The exterior can be difficult for able-bodied young people to maintain, so those who struggle with mobility or energy have an even harder time. Upgrade your siding to a low-maintenance material like vinyl or brick and switch out finicky plants for beautiful low-maintenance options. If […]

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